Moms Love Their Marines: Letter 4–Fluff and Nonsense

Ferdinand and the Fluffador

Another letter sent to my Marine son when he was stationed in Iraq–slightly edited so that he won’t hunt me down and kill me when I reveal how many stuffed toys he used to sleep with (or still does).  If you like order in all things, you can get to the first letter, here.

Dear Justin,


Love, Mom

P.S. True story: Bad guy holds up good guy using shotgun. Good guy manages to wrest shotgun away from bad guy. Then, instead of using it on him as designed, good guy proceeds to beat bad guy with gun while holding it by barrel. Bye-bye, good guy.


P.P.S. I bought a mousepad with little cartoon dinosaurs on it.

Young Artist Expo Dinosaur Mousepad, From 3DRose_LLC, Available Through Amazon

Not the Pad I Had, But Still a Bad Pad, Dad!

P.P.P.S. The old lady is very, very sick.

(She Wound Up in the Hospital)

P.P.P.P.S. Naw, still got nothing. Just wanted to say P.P.P.P. I’ll never grow up.

Yes--I Laugh At Every One of These. Every Time. But Just Think How Much Happier Those of Us With Simple Minds Are.

And now, for my midnight popsicle. (Hope I pulled a grape one. This time, I didn’t cheat and peek first.)

I Did Get Grape!

P.etc.S. I love you.

I'm Even Advertisin' My Major Love For You and Jonah on My New Fixin'-Up-the-House Arm


The cool dinosaur mousepad can be gotten here, at Amazon. You can also find tons’o’cute cartoon-looking ones at this link at Zazzle.
Next letter, please. (Thank you.)


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