Moms Love Their Marines: Letter 2–The Moon, The Stars, and Craigslist Crimes

In case you’re not following along, this is another letter that was sent to my Marine son when he was stationed in Iraq–slightly edited so that he won’t hunt me down and kill me.  If you like order in all things, you can get to the first letter, here.

Dear Justin,

Stings? Fig-fertizing wasps are very teeny, like an ant, and stingless, so bites and stings are not a problem, and they leave the figs prior to their ripening, if all goes well. Nonetheless, one must assume that at least a few figs come complete with crispy waspy wings, and that all figs come complete with wispy waspy waste.   For more fun figgy facts, see below.

(Instead of the fact-flood I sent Justin, here’s the one that counts:)

“When a — wasp dies inside a — fig — an enzyme — digests the dead insect, making it a part of the resulting ripened fruit.  The crunchy bits in figs are seeds, not — parts of a wasp.”[1]

And If You Believe That, Just Close Your Eyes and Have Another Crunchy Bite!

Trees line the freeways here in L.A.?  Oh–maybe you mean eucalyptus (the tall skinny white-ish ones with narrow, pointy leaves).

They Only Look Skinny: In Nearby Orange County, Over 100 Eucalyptus Trees Lining the Road Are Being Removed After a TEN-TON One Fell and Killed a Driver

The house showings have gone ok.  A very sweet elderly couple is considering buying it for their also-elderly housekeeper, in gratitude for all she’s done for them. In response to your other question, still have no idea what I’m going to do after the divorce, but am now strongly considering becoming a housekeeper.
The starlight there sounds wonderful.  I miss seeing stars all the time like when I was growing up, and am glad you have gotten to see them camping and now.  The golden moon you described with such delight is called a “harvest” moon, and I’ve seen it a few times myself.

"Harvest Moon", Oct, 2009, by Patrick W., at

Don’t know what causes it, but it is different and beautiful.  There’s even an old song about it that my mom used to sing all the time, and I probably sang to you boys when you were little and I could still sing, called “Shine On, Harvest Moon” (you can google it to hear it).[2]

(For you readers, here is the famous Singing Cowboy, Roy Rogers, with his convenient traveling posse of backup singers):

(Careful, now…don’t confuse that shiny harvest-moon song with this matte-finish harvest-moon song):

You say it’s getting hotter there…how warm does that mean?  And it’s only February.

Well, I’m off to find something to eat.  How’s the food there?  Same as what you had here?

Oh–do you have a roomie?  Is he nice?  (But if you two spoon to the harvest moon, don’t tell me.)




Terrible Craigslist Tragedy

Someone on Craigslist is advertising a Peter Rabbit covered box.  So sad.  I wonder if they glued his little blue coat inside.

(Actually a Filmbox For the Film "Fish Soup" by Kathleen Fox)

Craigs Strikes Again

Really too much.  Flagged this one as “prohibited”, since it involves human trafficking:  Small Chinese planters for sale.


[1]A less-condensed version of fig wasp facts is available from the North Carolina State Department of Entymology, via HowStuffWorks

[2]Free sheet music for Shine On, Harvest Moon can be found here: 
1 2 3 4
And a very different shiny version can be harvested here:

Next letter, please. (Thank you.)


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